Charter your private jet for leisure or business
Private Jet

We pride ourselves on offering our guests one-stop VIP travel solutions tailored to their individual requirements with the utmost attention to detail.  We deliver air travel solutions in a private, discreet, personalized and safe environment.

Our modern aircraft fleet includes turboprop aircraft; light, mid-size, supermidsize and heavy corporate jets; as well as various airliners. Aircraft flight efficiency, flexibility and comfort are maximized, whether you charter for private or business travel. 

Charters are provided for every eventuality from presidential, diplomatic and corporate jet charter flights, to incentive travel, to lodge transfers and scenic sightseeing flights.

Our services are adapted throughout the contract, we know that your needs are growing and it’s our duty to meet them. 

Commercial Aircrafts 

No matter who is flying, whether it is VIPs or government officials, frequentflying business passengers jetting off for a business meeting, passengers can relax knowing that every aspect of our commercial aircrafts has been designed to be as comfortable, efficient and innovative as possible – creating pleasant environments for passengers, pilots and crew.

We actively participate in the chartering and leasing of short and long-term commercial aircraft.

We are strategically aligned with a wide range of airlines to provide a global group of aircraft and advisory service valid throughout the contract as they extend and adapt throughout the contract to enhance customer value. 

We can help facilitate trade, buying and selling commercial airplanes that improve return on investment.

We offer:

  • Safety and Security.
  • Global coverage and competitive pricing.
  • Speed, flexibility and comfort.

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