Let it be your wonderful cruise

Are you searching for the perfect way to reward your business team for their success last year? Looking for a private getaway to offer friends or family an escape from their daily routine? Want a unique and intimate wedding that your guests will talk about the rest of their lives? 
An amazing dinner is not far away followed by an evening relaxing onboard to stepping ashore to sample the entertainment.
All kinds of fun and entertainment are found on the land of that wonderful city, including the rental of different yachts, of all sizes, and various driving crews, you find sailing yachts and motor yachts and you find boats and diving yachts, as you find large yachts With engines that accommodate a large number of people on board, complete with a professional captain and gourmet chef, you group will enjoy spacious accommodations and a premium, personalized yacht charter experience. 

Our company provides all yachts for rent for individuals or groups around the clock 24 hours a day, morning and evening, with many varied prices to suit all possibilities and budgets 


The experience begins with your expertly crafted yacht, which leaves you with a smooth ride, open spaces, and state-ofthe-art features to give you the best onboard experience. Each yacht’s spacious decks and open interiors mean you can spend as much time as you want onboard without ever feeling crowded.
These yachts can accommodate a large number of people up to 120 people on board, with a length of 32 meters, and a crew of 3 yachts, from the captain, engineer and sailor.
It is suitable for carrying out various parties, including weddings, graduation and other parties that need to host a large number of people. 

Motor Yacht

Dreams are made to be fulfilled. Can you see yourself cruising the stunning coastline of Istanbul aboard a luxury motor yacht that glides effortlessly over the sun-kissed waters?
These yachts accommodate a smaller number of people. Average capacity of 35 people. With a length of 18.80 meters, and consists of a crew of two captain and sailor, and inside you find a fully equipped kitchen, bathrooms, LCD screen, CD player and air conditioning, make your trips more enjoyable. 


Imagine yourself enjoying cocktails and canapes on deck as the red glow of the setting sun illuminates the indescribable beauty of this wonderful city?
This yacht can accommodate up to12 people, as it is 17.50 meters long, and the crew consists of a captain and a sailor.
The yacht also includes a fully equipped kitchen, furnished bedroom with elegant furnishings, bathroom, LCD screen and satellite antenna, CD player and air conditioning. It is suitable for small numbers and for holding romantic dinner parties for newlyweds.

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