Cosmetic and Dental Implants

We offer dental treatments and cosmetology in an integrated hospital specializing in oral medicine and dental work in the hospital, doctors from various fields of dentistry and the mouth is very experienced and performed thousands of operations.

Our services are distinguished:

  • Carrying out all treatments with one session, regardless of retraction or damage
  • We choose the tooth color with precision electronic devices
  • We use laser and evin technology
  • We use electronic needles for local anesthesia, so the patient does not feel any pain during anesthesia

All treatments are guaranteed and insured.
We offer the most advanced technology in dental treatments, as the hospital equipped with:

  • 3D imaging systems
  • 3D intraoral scanning systems for measurements
  • Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Systems
  • The latest dental implants
  • Electronic anesthesia needles
  • Laser and IVF technologies
  • Electronic dental colorimeter
Dental implants

The goal of dental implants is to implant new metal implants in place of the teeth, by replacing the damaged or damaged teeth, or to replace lost teeth, as a result of diseases that cause advanced dental damage.

Dental implants have a cosmetic and functional goal, and they replace natural teeth. And life-long, as we perform dental implants in all cases, whether you have one or two missing teeth or a group.

We use in the Turkish Health and Beauty Center the best types, from the most famous manufacturers, and also the latest science and medicine have reached in the field of dental implants and cosmetology 

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