Face Fat Injection Process  

The process of injecting facial fat works to restore the smoothness and liveliness of the human face after it has lost these qualities over time as it is the face fat that makes the face appear fresh and attractive.

Facial injection process details

  • The operation takes place in an operating room within a hospital specializing in plastic surgery.
  • A very thin needle is used to get the fat out of the person’s body. The most common place for this fat to be extracted is the abdomen and hips.
  • Injecting body fat.
  • The operation is often performed under local anesthesia.
  • Discuss with the doctor the final form before the operation.

Duration of stay

One-night stay in hospital and three days in Istanbul need to review and check on the patient's condition before returning home completely recovered We draw the attention of patients that it is necessary - whether they decide to conduct the operation with us or elsewhere - to ensure that the length of stay in Istanbul is sufficient. Reassuring patient health and success of the operation is a priority for us and the patient. This cannot be done medically within a short period.

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