Facelift will get rid of wrinkles and restore face youth. Facelift details

  • The process is done with several minor incisions in the contour of the face.
  • The surgeon tightens flabby muscles and tissues.
  • The surgeon uses more than one technique in the face lifting process, in order to reduce excess fat or support the facial tissue, etc.
  • In a surgical face lift, the face, eyelids, neck, forehead and chin are tightened. In the end, the open wounds are sutured.
  • The operation is often performed under general anesthesia as seen by the doctor.

Duration of stay

You need one or two nights stay in the hospital, according to the workload and from ten days in Istanbul to review and check on the patient's condition before returning to his country completely recovered

We draw the attention of patients that it is necessary - whether they decide to conduct the operation with us or elsewhere - to ensure that the length of stay in Istanbul is sufficient. Reassuring patient health and success of the operation is a priority for us and the patient. This cannot be done medically within a short period.

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