Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation for men is a surgical procedure that restores hair to bald areas on the scalp using the patient's own hair. Hair can be taken from the back and / or sides of the scalp to act as donor hair. This hair is genetically programmed to be permanent and not subject to hair loss. Hair transplant surgery is the only proven way to permanently restore hair to bald areas or voids.

There are two different techniques currently available in hair transplantation: the bulb extraction unit which is the most advanced method that we use in the Turkish Health and Beauty Center, and the other technique is and the chip technique.

FUE technique is the most popular method now, due to the impressive results and does not leave traces of the process when done right. Before you rely on the hair transplant procedure, you should consult a doctor whether or not you are eligible to have this procedure. There are a number of conditions that prevent you from performing the procedure, some of which are mentioned, and others that need to be consulted by the attending physician.

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