Something special in the air

''flow international tourism'' offers a great and safe and highly convenient in a helicopter rental FIT will uniquely transport you to every destination you want! Turn your entertainment or business trip into a personalized travel experience. Don't spend extra hours in crowded airport terminals, delayed and cancelled flights. Be confident and Choose your flight !

Helicopter Flight

The tours are explained by the captain on the plane in English. You can also use digital cameras and mobile phones for photography and video.

We will provide you with the most beautiful service in Istanbul, a helicopter tour for a quarter of an hour. The tour will start from the runway where you are rising and setting off into the sky where you can see Bosphorus from the Asian section, Then fly over the Sultanahmet “Historic District of Istanbul” You will then be taken to see the southern part of the Golden Horn, And then return to the airstrip, but passing through the second part of the Bosphorus in its European division.

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