The process of Liposuction Throughout The Body

The purpose of the liposuction process is to remove excess fat from the body, in order to improve the appearance of the body and reduce the waist circumference as well as the circumference of other areas of the body Details of the liposuction process

  • The process of liposuction is done with the Phaser technology (4D dynamic body sculpting).
  • The operation takes place in an operating room within a hospital specializing in plastic surgery.
  • Some liquids are injected with narcotic substances into the area from which you want to dissolve the fat, and then several simple holes are made in which the tube of the tube is inserted into them to break up the fats.
  • A tube connected to the suction device is then inserted to suction the broken and broken fat very easily.
  • In the Pfizer technique, the level of pain after the operation is reduced to its lowest level compared to normal liposuction.
  • The operation is often performed under local anesthesia.

Duration of stay

You need one-night stay in the hospital and four to five days in Istanbul, according to the number of suction areas, to review and check on the patient's condition before returning to his country completely recovered. We draw the attention of patients that it is necessary - whether they decide to conduct the operation with us or elsewhere - to ensure that the length of stay in Istanbul is sufficient. Reassuring patient health and success of the operation is a priority for us and the patient. This cannot be done medically within a short period.

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