Sea Trip

Cruising ships have become an integral part of the city of Istanbul and many accept it for having occupied their entire day with an interesting and enjoyable program or enjoying an unforgettable evening in the water in wonderful weather; Here is a list of some of those excursions.

  • Evening cruise ship on the Bosphorus
  • Sultan Ayyub Tour and Frick Ferry with a private car
  • Polish Village and Koksu River Tour in Beykoz
  • Hill of Arayes and Princesses Island trip, with a private car
  • Termal excursion, Sodshan waterfalls and Chinargic coast, starting from Sapanca by private car
  • Haji Kali Baba and Kaya Bashi trip in Trabzon
  • Dodan Falls and Antalya
  • Urus and Bosphorus Strait excursion by private car
  • Kemeru Dinosaur Park trip to Antalya
  • Juxu River and Hidden Lake Shilah Trip
  • Eder and the Vartina River study in Trabzon
  • Termal excursion, Sodshan waterfalls and Chhangirk coast of Sapanca
  • A trip to Manjvat and the Green Valley in Antalya

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